Fashion Flirting with birds of a feather

People who are not from Winnipeg simply do not understand how incredibly beautiful this city is in the spring, nearly summer, time.  It is partly the difference between the winter and the warmth, and partly because it is so incredibly wonderful outside.  The lilac bushes are blooming, and suffuse the city with the delicate and powerful floral scent.  My neighborhood is all green leaves on old trees, stretching over the street to meet in the middle, creating a green canopy.

Of course, in about 4-6 weeks, all these wonderful things about Winnipeg are ignored as we contend with malathion being sprayed to counteract the mosquitos that so love to feed on Winnipeg blood.  The green canopies become frightful as you walk through forests of canker worms hovering at chest height.  The humidity starts to become overwhelming, the heat soars into the mid- to high-30s (that’s Celsius for all y’all Fahrenheiters, so mid- to over 100 for you).  I am a firm believer that you can only complain about one season, but no more than that.  If you hate winter, you shouldn’t be blasting the AC in the summer.  If you can’t stand the heat, why is your home so warm in the winter months?  I personally enjoy all the extremes of weather, I suspect this is due to my enjoyment of Bikram yoga.  Spending 90 minutes sweating your butt off in a room that is 104 Fahrenheit (not including the ridiculous humidity) makes a Winnipeg summer seem nearly tame.  And as for winter?  I love the frozen, frigid winter months, -40 degrees C and all.

Today was the first day where the temps have soared to 27.  The first few days of real warmth are a tad difficult to dress for, I generally forget what warm feels like, and refuse to wear shorts until running has toned and tanned my legs a bit better.  Today’s outfit inspiration came directly from the above picture hair clip (I couldn’t get any suitable pictures of the clips IN my hair).

Sunnies: Out of the Blue
Earrings: Frockstar
Necklace: Açaí beads from Brazil
Cardi: Gap
Dress: Flax, a boutique in Montreal
Shoes: Aldo

This is the perfect first few days of summer outfit, in case you were wondering.  I love me some linen when it is warm out, and I love the gold, green, blue combo of the outfit coming from the peacock feather colours.  Something like this will be reproduced again.

Only 10 days until I’m off to Brazil.  I cannot wait to raid my mom’s closet for all the new goodies I know she has.  It’s been two years since my last trip South.  I’ll not be bringing very much clothing with me (I always say that, but this time it’s going to be true).  In the next few days, I think I will experiment with potential plane outfits, get opinions, see what works.  Comfort is always key, after all- but you simply cannot look poorly put together on an international flight… you never know who you will wind up sitting next to, or if the possibility of an upgrade will come about.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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