Cream in my coffee


Somewhere around 2.5 years ago, I started drinking my coffee with cream. I didn’t start drinking coffee with cream, and I managed to go 15 years without adding cream to my coffee, so I’m still a bit befuddled at how my cream addiction came to be.

Let’s be honest here. 100 calories of delicious, creamy goodness in my coffee isn’t the biggest caloric footprint. Excluding it from my diet won’t suddenly cause me to lose all the weight I’ve put on. But I’ve struggled so much with weight and being active over the last few years, I’m trying to remember what were the little things I did in my day-to-day that contributed to a healthier lifestyle.

Black coffee was the first thing that came to mind, and conveniently, the cream went bad this weekend. So. Starting now, I’m a black coffee kind of girl again. Let’s see how this goes.