The story behind my booty engagement ring


Aarron and I got engaged this year, and when we did, we decided that our engagement ring should be something special, unique and super sentimental (because I’m a super softy like that).

The day before Aarron and I started dating, my mom gave me a ring that my dad had made for her. Back in the day, my mom (who is cooler than I’ll ever be) was a scuba diver. She was exploring a Portuguese shipwreck off the coast of Nova Scotia with her scuba crew, fanning the sand. She noticed a sparkle, and found the chipped white topaz, the centre stone of this ring.

To celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary, my father took the topaz and had the ring made for my mom. The ring fit my pinky finger, and had a flat, wide band. Aarron and I went to see Corrie from Heavy Metal Design, and she and her incredibly talented team (responsible for making the puzzle piece necklaces worn by the Olympic Gold Medal Canadian women’s hockey team) reworked the band while keeping the head of the ring exactly the same (although re-set all the stones so that they were firmly in place).

I’ve never loved a ring so much in my entire life.

And that’s the story of my booty ring. 🙂