Mint, black and silver




Sleeveless button-front: RW&Co; Earrings: Christmas gift; Necklace and bracelet: belonged to my granny; Moonstone ring: some random vendor in Brazil in 1996; Jeans: Old Navy; Sandals: Brown’s.

I love mint with black, one of my favourite pairings. I love how clean and cool it looks for the summer heat. Silver accessories pulled the whole thing together, I found the silver buckles on the shoes stuck out a bit too much without the other pieces.

Not pictured is the deep turquoise wrap I used to keep myself warm at work. Air conditioning! Can’t live without it, but damn do I get chilled sitting in an office chair all day. Starting to implement the habit of going for a 10-15 minute walk when it gets too cold outside – nice break from work, warm air thaws my frozen hands and soak up some incredible sun!


Hot pink, black and matching your lipstick to your shirt







Pink top: formerly of my mother’s closet; Chunky vintage silver cuff: my granny’s; Black skinny jeans: Old Navy; High heeled booties: Arezzo.

Oh, date night. I usually stay away from a strong lip on date night, what with the prohibitive kiss-lipstick-transferring issue. Until I realized that this shade looks especially good on Foatographer, and then all bets were off.

I’ve never purposely matched my lipstick to my shirt before, but I think I’ll do it again with pink, red or berry tops.

I’ve realized I’m not very skilled at tucking in my shirts, as I’ve never been inclined to do it before. Finding the balance between billowy and neat has always been a challenge. I now challenge myself to tuck more often!