Taupe, white and black




Earrings: gift from my lovely aunts; Silver cuff: belonged to my granny; Taupe drapey jacket: Reitmans; Tee: The Gap; Pencil Skirt: Old Navy; Sandals: Browns.

I read an article recently about interesting ways to pair basics, and they suggested wearing a teeshirt and pencil skirt with a pair of Keds (or similar sneakers). I wasn’t especially feeling like wearing sneakers today, but felt these Birkenstock-inspired leather sandals had a similar casual vibe. Typically when I wear a pencil skirt, I do pair it with something a bit more “office stereotypical” (for instance), but I love this more casual take. The drapey jacket worked with the neutral feeling I was going for and is casual enough that it also worked with the tee and sandals, while still complementing the officey pencil skirt. I would wear a variation on this often – maybe next time with a graphic tee, jeans jacket and wedges.


Black, white, red and that time I kind of accidentally dressed up like Mia Wallace.

Leatherette jacket, Joe Fresh; White button-front, Gregory; Rhinestone necklace, F21; Earrings, Wünderkrammer; Black v-neck sweater, Gap; Jeans, Banana Republic; White tee-shirt (layered under white button-front), lululemon; Boots, Locale; Ring, gift; Red lipstick, Red Lizard by Nars.

Yesterday, I got a haircut. And noticed that it was Everybody, Everywear: Black and White, so I quickly changed my outfit plan. I realized fairly quickly that I don’t own much in the way of white clothing… Happily, I do own lots of black. I’m not really sure what it is, but wearing one piece of crisp white in a sea of black makes an outfit über chic, don’t you think?

Black + White | Everybody, Everywear

As soon as I put on all elements of the outfit, I realized that the one thing that would really make the outfit pop was a nice strong red lip. Red Lizard by Nars doesn’t come out to play too often, but when I’m not wearing a lot of colour, my first instinct is to punch things up with a little lippy.

I didn’t realize that I was dressed like a winterized version of Mia Wallace until after my haircut. Actually, it was Aarron who noticed that with my shorter, darker style I was a little pulp fictiony. I love this haircut, it was exactly the change I’ve been looking for – my hair has been almost exactly the same since May. A change in a hairstyle often precedes a change in sartorial choices. I can’t wait to see what kinds of outfits I gravitate towards with this same same, but dramatically different, hairstyle.

Of note, the earrings I am wearing (that you can’t see in the outfit pictures). A Christmas gift from my sister-in-law and nieces. The eldest picked them out. She was delighted with them. I think, as a 7 year-old, if I’d given these earring to my aunt, I would have been just as delighted with them. They’re hilarious, and I’ve been wearing them quite a bit. And sometimes, when I’m feeling cheeky, I’ll reverse them. Kind of changes the meaning a whole bunch.

Photos taken by Aarron.