Green linen, cream, black and pink




Earrings: Ten Thousand Villages; Telescope Necklace: Honey Beejoux; Linen blazer & jeans: Old Navy; Cami: The Gap; Shoes: Havaiana.

This post’s alternate title is: “I really, really, really love this blazer.” I can’t help but gravitate towards it. Not only is it incredibly comfortable and super versatile, I love the springy look and feel of it. Especially when paired¬†with the pink floral shoes and the floaty, lightweight tank, it just screams “spring!” to me. Add some fun gold accessories and a strong berry lip, and I think it is safe to say we’ve got ourselves an outfit.

A while back I won this telescope necklace in a fundraising auction for a local community group. It extends and actually works – the magnification is minimal, but still. A working telescope necklace. My inner nerd is so happy whenever I wear it.


Lime and blue popcorn popover





Earrings: Winnipeg Folk Festival Handmade Village; Popover top: The Gap; Jeans: Old Navy; Sandal wedges: Franco Sarto.

I wasn’t really planning much when I put on this outfit other than wanting to wear these wedges. I just picked these up the other day, and have been so excited to finally wear them (I love them – LOVE them), but for whatever reason went with my work uniform (bright patterned top, skinny jeans). I’m lucky that my work is as casual as it is, I can wear jeans every single day if I feel like it (and I often do). But sometimes I find that the ease of my work uniform keeps me from trying new looks. There’s a reason I’m only posting 2 new outfits/week – I’m typically wearing a variation of what I’m wearing in this outfit.

Blogging again is helping me to look outside my comfort zone/work uniform. There’s nothing wrong with wearing similar things day to day (so many chic and stylish people do!), but I miss being more sartorially creative more regularly.

First step to breaking out of my uniform is to do an evaluation of my entire wardrobe and decide what is going and what is staying. My Aunt Leslie has been doing this over on her blog (by wearing EVERYTHING in her closet), I probably won’t go quite to that extreme, but I need to know what I’ve got so I can wear it (or get rid of it).

Summer project!

Floaty frilly florals under boxy linen



Blazer: Old Navy; Dress: American Eagle; Safety pin earrings: gift from early 1990s; Sandals: Aldo

Yeah, obsessed with this blazer. I love this particular colour of green, not JUST because I feel like it makes my eyes look extra green, but it’s just such a nice, springy colour. I decided to pair it with this cute floral dress, and I love how the feminine dress pairs with the boxy, oversized linen blazer. I felt like this outfit was a bit ’90s, so I had to add these earrings of mine from the 1990s that I received as a gift from a good friend, just to round the whole thing out!


Moss, navy and red

20150513_071114 (1)

20150513_071122 (1)


Earrings: gift; Blazer: Old Navy; Dress: Joe Fresh; Belt: Tommy Hilfiger (thrifted); Sandals: Target.

As soon as I saw this blazer, I knew I had to have it. For one, I love green – especially this specific shade. Also, it really reminds me of something my mom would wear. On top of all that, it’s linen. Yeah, it wrinkles, but so so¬†comfortable come summer time.

Patterned pencil skirt with chambray on top



PicMonkey Collage

Earrings: Poppie Clothing; Silver cuff: my granny’s Chambray top: The Gap; Patterned pencil skirt: Banana Republic; Sandals: Brown’s.

Again with the pockets. I’ll never get tired of pockets. Or patterns (or pockets and patterns together). I love this skirt, although it isn’t always the best to wear – especially after having had a big meal, due to the pleated front. I like pairing it with more casual options and keeping the shoes on the casual side for a fun look.

Also? Too cold for sandals today. My toes, they are cold!

Bright paisley and big curls



Paisley top: Ralph Lauren; Ring: InPink; Bracelet: inherited from granny; Jeans: Old Navy; Sandals: Target.

I’ve been waiting to wear this shirt until it warmed up outside. Just isn’t quite right for any season but spring and summer. It is the lightest, softest cotton, and makes me smile whenever I put it on. I had to say goodbye to my old, faithful October jeans, and bought these Old Navy ones to fill the hole in my wardrobe (can I just say that say what you will about ON, but their jeans are the best – price, fit, durability… I’m very pro-Old Navy denim), and these jeans work so much better with this top than my old dark skinnies did.

Another successful tucked-in shirt outfit, too. I’m starting to like this business of tucking things in.