These are the people whose blogs I read daily. This is where I flock for my local news, my style inspirations, and finding out what is going on in the lives of all my internet and in real life friends.

Style Blogs

162 Greene (Canadian!)
A Fashion Fixation

A Pretty Penny
A Reason to be Fabulous
A Well-Rounded Venture
Adored Austin
Advanced Style
Already Pretty
Ascot Friday
Atlantic Style Diaries (Canadian!)
B. Jones Style
Basic Cravings
Best Foot Forward
Blue Collar Catwalk
Bonjour Gazel (Winnipeg-based!)
Bows and Pearls
Bright Side Dweller
By Hillary
Delightfully Tacky
Demi Couture
District of Chic
Esme and the lane way
Fashion for Nerds
Fashion For Giants
Forever Amber
Hello, Monkeyface
I want to be her!
Kansas Couture
Kendi Everyday
Le blog de Big Beauty
Little Tin Soldier
Magpie Girl
Miss Vinyl AhoyModa de la Mode
Modly Chic
Much Love, Illy
My Edit (Canadian!)
Orchid Grey
Passport Glamour
Required 2 Be Inspired (Canadian!)
Sable & Sage
Selective Potential
Seven Inch Stilettos
Sidewalk Chalk
Snappy Casual
StriKt Street Fashion
Style Crone
Style Odyssey
Stylish White Female
The Blonde Salad
The Coveted
The Daybook
The Door in my Wardrobe
The Fashion Police
The Karina Chronicles
The Sartorialist
Thinking About Pretty
Tiny Glimpses (Canadian!)
Twila Jean
Vixen Vintage
Weesha’s World
What I Wore 2day
What Would a Nerd Wear
Work With What You’ve Got

Man Style

The Midwestyle
The Debonaire Extraordinaire
The Style Gent (Canadian!)

DIY and Crafty Goodness

New Dress A Day
P.S.- I made this

Inspire me, please

Gala Darling
Nubby Twiglet

Oh, you take pictures, do you?

FOATography (Winnipeg-based!)


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