About 13ecca Horan


Hi! Welcome to my blog. The content here is split into the five areas of my life I most want to write about right now – but as they are differing topics, I wanted to break them up so my readers could explore the topics that interest them – not just the ones that interest me.

I’m working on getting to a healthier place. My goals are to fuel myself with healthier foods that will contribute to a healthier me instead of detract from it, to be active every day in some way, and to find a balance with the things I love to do so that I never feel like I sacrificing any part of my life for another.

I play video games like a crazy person. OK, I’m not as fanatic as some people I know, but a goodly part of my time is dedicated to my XBOX alterego – BEXBOX.

I’m a shopaholic and I love styling my daily outfits. I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit, but have been getting back into making my personal style a priority again by chronicling my outfits of the day.

As a good little blogger, I am thrilled by documenting my life, so I have to carve out a small piece for my day-to-day blogging.

I’m constantly clearing my phone and camera of all the pictures I take. Now, I’m looking to target my photography a bit, and will be participating in photo of the day challenges and personal creativity challenges through photography.

For now, navigate the topics by choosing one of the categories to the left of the screen, and if you want to read everything I post, click on “All Posts”. The blog is currently undergoing renovations, so there will be a few changes along the way! Thanks for reading!



8 thoughts on “About 13ecca Horan

  1. Hey! I did an Ironman last August!! (well, ok, a half – but still an accomplishment, right?). which one are you doing? Anything in NH or VT? Timberman?

    Good luck!

  2. hi Becca, thanks for stopping by 🙂 are there any pictures of Mr. Fly around here? I’ve got to see them!

    beijo! (e adorei as fotos, vou acompanhar teu blog com certeza)

    • Here’s a very unflattering pic of my little buddy:

      Beijo para vc tambem! I’ll be in Brasília as of next Friday, so soon all my pictures will be coming from your side of the Equator. Que bom, o “Dress Your Best,” ne? Very good for finding awesome new people to follow (FYI: your hair is lovely, não tem nada de ruim).


  3. ok, 1. you’re gorgeous.
    2. “I also believe in looking good no matter where you are or what you’re doing”- me too!!! thats the whole motivation behind my blog!!
    3. go girl, gettin your master’s. In what? I saw mention of SPSS… Psychology or something data/stats related?

    • I’m getting my Masters in Environment (no studies, or sciences tacked on to the end… just plain old “Environment”)! Part of my thesis research was two surveys, and I’m at the analysis point right now.

      And yeah, the looking good side of things is so important to me now! I never used to care, but now it is a pretty big deal to me. I really don’t like leaving my apartment knowing I look less than my best!

      Also – thanks! *blush*

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