Lime and blue popcorn popover





Earrings: Winnipeg Folk Festival Handmade Village; Popover top: The Gap; Jeans: Old Navy; Sandal wedges: Franco Sarto.

I wasn’t really planning much when I put on this outfit other than wanting to wear these wedges. I just picked these up the other day, and have been so excited to finally wear them (I love them – LOVE them), but for whatever reason went with my work uniform (bright patterned top, skinny jeans). I’m lucky that my work is as casual as it is, I can wear jeans every single day if I feel like it (and I often do). But sometimes I find that the ease of my work uniform keeps me from trying new looks. There’s a reason I’m only posting 2 new outfits/week – I’m typically wearing a variation of what I’m wearing in this outfit.

Blogging again is helping me to look outside my comfort zone/work uniform. There’s nothing wrong with wearing similar things day to day (so many chic and stylish people do!), but I miss being more sartorially creative more regularly.

First step to breaking out of my uniform is to do an evaluation of my entire wardrobe and decide what is going and what is staying. My Aunt Leslie has been doing this over on her blog (by wearing EVERYTHING in her closet), I probably won’t go quite to that extreme, but I need to know what I’ve got so I can wear it (or get rid of it).

Summer project!


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