Chunky silver and a surprise back






Silver pendant: Feira da Lua in Brasilia; Vintage silver cuff: from my granny; Cardigan: Luxe and Charm; Top: RW&Co; Jeans: October Boutique; Shoes: Arrezzo.

I love a surprise back – lace back, sheer back, contrasting colours… This is a pretty tame surprise back (it is a black mesh fabric), but I was feeling pretty monochrome when I woke up this morning, greeted with lots of heavy, wet snow (OK, Ontario folks and Atlantic Canadians, and all the other places with the crazy weather – I’M NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT IT. Y’all have had a worse winter that Winnipeg – ok? There, I said it), so I took inspiration from the cardigan, and went all black and grey. Not the most exciting outfit, but it is a fun way to showcase these two pieces of jewellery.

My granny’s collection of costume jewellery that I now have is my favourite source of sparklies and baubles. This heavy cuff is such a fun piece! I’ve never paired it with this pendant, but they both called to me this morning – and when heavy silver calls, I listen.

Yet another successful hairband curl today – I wrapped my hair more tightly around the hairband and when I took it out this morning it didn’t look quite as flattering as I’d hoped – but after a short while, the curls settled down.

Also didn’t realize until just now that you can see my bra through this shirt. Hopefully no one else noticed – but if they did, whatever. It’s a nice bra.


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