Hello world!

This is my lovely, talented, creative aunt, who is taking on a sartorial challenge I cannot WAIT to follow! Inspiring me to do my own: “Wear Everything in my Closet Challenge!”

Go Mo, go!

Mo molds her day

My name is Mo. I am a typical middle aged female empty nester! A year ago I had a hectic life! My husband and I shared our home with my 91 year old mother (a saint by all accounts), my 24 year old son who graduated with a degree in engineering (Saint-like potential, only because St. Peter needs engineers) and a lovely 15 year old chocolate Labrador Retriever  (who God bred the colour in and left the brains out). By all accounts we were happy and the house was alive!

Now I have a happy home for two.  My husband and I are trying to come to a new normal.

Heidi, the chocolate Labrador left us in December 2013.  She actually started an exodus. I miss her beyond belief.  When I got up in the morning, she was waiting for me, she followed me around until I left for work. She soldiered on during the day looking after…

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