Over the next few weeks, this blog will be going through a bit of a renovation of sorts as I figure out the posting schedule and topics that suit my lifestyle right now. I plan on breaking down the blog into the five important areas of my life right now.

  • Health, fitness, food and my relationship with them – recently, in a work email, a supervisor from another region mentioned my size in an email to a co-worker and my boss. I’ve been struggling with my relationship with food over the last few years, as well as my motivation to do much of anything other than sit on the couch and play video games. And don’t get me wrong – I love video games – but I’m getting less and less happy with my level of activity, my relationship with food and its subsequent impact on my mental state and level of comfort with my body. I was horrified when I saw my size – oh, no, NOT AN XL!!! – in the email, and it was that moment that I knew: I have to make my health and what I put into my body a priority, or I’m just going to continue down this dangerous path of self-loathing.
  • Video games – I love, love, love them. Originally, I’d tried to blog over at, but I hardly updated over there either, so might as well bring it all in to the same spot. I’ve been playing video games with some degree of regularity for about three years now, and I love what they have to offer – amazing stories, entertainment, art, action, drama, design… so much more.
  • Outfits of the day – gotta stay true to me and who I am! Time to get back to chronicling what I wear. It inspires me to be creative in what I wear every day, and the more creativity I foster in my life, the better I feel about myself 100% of the time. I’ve been paring down my wardrobe consistently since August, and I’m feeling really good about the clothing that’s made the cut.
  • Work and life and stuff and things – I started blogging by having a lifestyle, personal blog, and it is nice to have a place to document the day-to-day elements of my life. I have a really interesting job, and I’d like to be documenting what I do so I can look back and capture those feelings. I’m quickly approaching my one year mark in broadcasting, and I will be involved in the same projects for the second year in a row. I wish I’d documented my feelings the first time around, just so that I could check-in and see how far I’ve come!
  • Photography – I’m still just firmly in the amateur pool of taking pictures, but currently have a photo a day challenge going on with some lady friends from work, and want a place to document the process for how I got to the pictures I’ve taken.

I doubt many people (other than my mom) will be interested in everything I’ll be posting about, hence the blog renos. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m excited to get back to being a blogger again.

Where have I been for so long? I’m sure that will come out in various posts over the next few months. Kind of too big a topic to tackle in one “hey, I’m back” post. But, hey – I’m back.


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