Want to have the brightest neon nails ever?

IMG_1268The other day I was walking through a mall, doing a bit of damage to my bank account, when I walked by one of those hole-in-the-wall hair and nail places hidden away in a corner. They were advertising shellac manicures, and my nails needed the attention of a professional, so I popped in.

I’ve really been into neon lately, and as soon as I saw the neon yellow polish in Galina’s arsenal of shellac polishes, I knew I wanted it on my nails.

And she gave me the best tip for bright neon nails I have ever heard.

All you do is put a layer or two of white nail polish on under your yellow neon to make the colour really pop like mine do. So simple, but incredibly effective! Give it a try for super vibrant neon yellow nails.

IMG_1271Pics by Aarron from FOATography.


3 thoughts on “Want to have the brightest neon nails ever?

  1. LOL

    That’s automotive paint 101. Want a colour to pop? White primer first. My blue has white primer… only problem is the white is really visible when you get chips.

      • continuing in the land of “I’m suprised this is a conversation I’m having”, it works with black base (on cars, at least) to make metallic/dark colors pop, as well. Body guys choose their primer as carefully as they choose the paint itself.

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