Celebrate. Celebrate with brights.

Oh, hi! Um… My life has been over taken by football. It’s really fun, and I love it, but between work, work, video games (don’t judge) and wanting to spend quality time with my boyfriend (often as both of us play video games together), blogging dropped lower on my list of priorities.

I’d love to promise that I’ll write regularly, every single week again, but I can’t. And I think that’s ok. I started this blog for fun, so I’m going to blog for fun when it is fun.

And this outfit was effing fun. I woke up Friday morning with a severe case of the T.G.I.F.s, and opted to dress to celebrate the fact that the weekend – with socials and football games (see?) and family stuff and the like – was only eight hours away.

Do you dress obnoxiously cheerfully to celebrate a good mood?

IMG_1256IMG_1261IMG_1266IMG_1249Sunglasses: Gap; Jeans Jacket: David Buffalo from The Ruby Slipper; Emerald top and coral (with navy stars!)  boyfriend crops: Old Navy; Cork Wedges: Hand-me-down from Mom.

Pics by Aarron from FOATography.


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