Black and white and striped

I’ve never been one to invite patterns onto my lower body. Not really. But this skirt is so simple and fun (and easy to style), that I just couldn’t resist.

Next step? Mixing another pattern in. Polkadot tights? Floral print top? All of the above?

In other news, these boots have been officially retired, and I am now in the market for a new pair of knee high black boots. I’ve had these suede bad boys for 5 years now, repaired them more times than I can count. They’ve always been the perfect pair of flat boots, and I’m sad to see them go.

Goodbye, black boots. It’s been a blast.

P1110426 P1110433


Necklace, Hilary Druxman; Sweater, The Gap; Skirt, Old Navy; Boots, Town Shoes.

Pictures by Aarron from FOATography!


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