Windchill, tweed and slinky fabrics

It’s kind of cold out in Winnipeg right now. On Monday, the temperature dropped down to -30˚C (that’s not including the windchill, mind you, which generally makes our fair city feel more in the neighborhood of -40˚C and change) for the first time since February 2011 (this was around the time I came up with my “How to Take Pictures in -26˚C“… Note that this doesn’t read -36˚C… that’s because I don’t take outdoor pictures in -36˚C.

I take ’em in the dining room.

I also might not wear slinky fabrics in -36˚C anymore. Doesn’t do much to keep the (wind)chill out. Stay warm out there!





Earrings, Gift; Blazer, Luigi Bertolli; Slightly wrinkled v-neck top, Old Navy; Tweed Skirt, Winners; Wedge heels, Kenneth Cole Reaction; Necklace, Leather and Feather.

Photos by Aarron from FOATography!

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