Blush, Floral, Grey and Tweed.

Some days, all I want is to rock a Victorian Vibe. This tweed skirt is a great starting point. And since the blush Anthro wrap top was a bit too low cut, I tucked my floral scarf into the neckline and stayed properly covered up all day long. And if that mustache doesn’t belong in a Victorian age, it doesn’t belong anywhere.P1110023 P1110029 P1110030

Mustache Necklace, Leather and Feather (Winnipeg-based Etsy shop); Floral Scarf, mom’s closet; Blush Wrap Top, Anthropologie; Knit Wrap, Artisan (vendor in the Toronto Airport); Skirt, Winners; Boots, Locale.

3 thoughts on “Blush, Floral, Grey and Tweed.

    • Thanks so much! I really love the blush – my mom gave it to me for Christmas. And the knit wrap is the BEST thing I have EVER purchased. I wear it almost every day!

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