Obsessed with cat eyes

When I was a kid I hated my glasses with a passion. My getting glasses coincided with the bullies of my class noticing me as a target, so I’ve always felt conflicting emotion about them. Everyone who gets glasses remembers their first time putting them on, how incredible and eye-opening the world becomes when you can see it.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

So my feelings about glasses have always been conflicted. I love them, but I still remember what it was like to be teased mercilessly because I wore glasses. So whenever I go through a “glasses phase,” and I want to wear them more often, I like to max it out as much as possible … And wear outfits created with glasses in mind. Like this one!





Hat: random gas station; Blazer: Luigi Bertoli; Top: lululemon athletica; Jeans: October Boutique; Shoes: Jump.

Photos by Aarron from FOATography.


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