Linen lifesaver: a superior summer fabric

Sunglasses, F21; Linen hoodie, Dois Tempos (Brasília); Dress, Joe Fresh; Sandals, Aldo.

I was kind of amused when I realized that this outfit is mostly made up of items that I’ve liberated from my mother. This subtly metallic linen hoodie might be one of the best items Mom has sent me over the years. Aside from being lightweight enough to wear mid-summer heat, I’m obsessed with the sheen to the fabric. I love metallics in my clothes, but have a hard time styling them (most notably, this gold cardigan that is incredibly fabulous, but stylistically challenging). This hoodie is the perfect piece for casual metallic.

Photos by Aarron from FOATography!


3 thoughts on “Linen lifesaver: a superior summer fabric

    • I love this thing. I wear the heck out of it. It doesn’t fit that great, and it’s not super comfortable anymore… but I just can’t let it go. It makes me really happy to wear.

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