Festival footwear: flip flops for the meh.

Head scarf, on permanent loan from my mother’s closet; Earrings, Out of the Blue; Tee-shirt, lululemon athletica; Wrap skirt, Desart; Havaiana Flip Flops, Aritzia.

I’ve long held tight to my love of rubber flip flops. I remember the first day I bought a pair of Havaianas. I was 16, in Bahia with one of my best friends for Carnaval, and my footwear just wasn’t cutting it. I had blisters and a bad attitude. Quickly, my girlfriend’s cousin came to the rescue, letting me know that my crankfest was a direct result of not owning the mushiest, most comfortable of Brazilian footwear: a pair of Havaianas.

As soon as I put them on, I was sold. Squishy clouds of amazeballs under my feet, and my cranky pants were put back inside my suitcase for the duration of the trip.

This year at Festival, it was the first year that my prefered footwear choice fell short. I mostly went barefoot, but next year will have to find a different solution. Some Vibram 5Fingers, perhaps?

Photos by Aarron from FOATography!


4 thoughts on “Festival footwear: flip flops for the meh.

  1. Thanks so much for coming to my blog! That is just hilarious that your boss thought you were me taking some pictures by the train. I never know what people are thinking when they see my husband and me taking photos of my outrageous outfits, I am never boring! Fantastic to find another Winnipeg Blogger! I love your outfit in this post, but of course I would it is beautiful with so much color!


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