Happy Festival: Chevron stripe maxi dress

Ah, the Winnipeg Folk Festival. The highlight of my year, 5 days of folk music under prairie skies, this weekend marks the beginning of my summer.

Sunglasses, F21; Dress and scarf, Renner (Brazil); Hoop, Hoopfinite.

Comfort is key at Festival, so this billowy cotton dress was perfect for the first hot day in the sun, and a cotton scarf drenched in ice-cold water is the absolute best treat when the humidex hits 38˚C.

Unfortunately, the scarf tends to get in the way while hooping. When the heat became too much to bear, I grabbed a furry blue parasol for shade, and hooped to the beats of the drum circles around the campground.

Tonight, K’naan will be ending the night and I am all kinds of pumped. Not just because I love his music, but also because he’s so stylin’… I’m excited to see what he’s going to wear!

Photos by Aarron from FOATography!


4 thoughts on “Happy Festival: Chevron stripe maxi dress

    • Isn’t it wonderful? We actually lost both of them (the spirits of the Folk Festival must have made away with them), but they marked our camp for most of it! And hula hooping is the SHIT. I love it. So much fun, and a really fun workout!

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