Fearless Fashion: Playing with Pin-up at Winnipeg’s Foxy Shoppe!

foxy shoppe pin-up fashion winnipeg exchange district

When I met Pamela, the owner of the fabulous Foxy Shoppe in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, I instantly knew that she was pretty much the most beesiest kneesiest of the bees knees of Winnipeg. We sent a few emails back and forth, and finally found a time that worked for both of us where I could drop by, get to know the shop, and play a little dress-up.

The moment you walk into the Foxy Shoppe’s door, you know you’ve stumbled upon something special. Every thing is carefully placed and merchandised throughout the store. Never for a moment do you think you are anywhere but a boutique that you desperately wish were also your boudoir. Once Winnipeg’s “best kept secret,” Foxy Shoppe, now in its second year, is starting to become one of Winnipeg’s greatest selling points. No where else in the city can you find such a wide selection of fabulous pin-up fashion and glamour.

Pin-up Couture Netti in Nautical Winnipeg Foxy Shoppe Shopping

I’m not exactly known for wearing tight dresses. I love a bit more of a relaxed fitting, body skimming kind of a garment. Foxy Shoppe carries PinUp Couture, a line of well constructed sexy as hell pin-up inspired dresses, locally made and designed accessories and pieces, as well as vintage-inspired shoes and lingerie.

Pin-up Couture Daisy Dress Winnipeg Foxy Shoppe Shopping

Despite putting on pieces that weren’t completely inside my comfort zone, I felt completely at ease from the moment I walked in the door. Well, I felt a spike of concern when Pamela first pulled out a corset, but soon, my inner pin-up was clamouring to be allowed out to play… And demanding a pencil skirt.

There’s something about putting on clothing cut to emphasize my curves and display them at their best that makes me feel like a sex bomb. Never would I have put together a white, cropped bustier and a black pencil skirt on my own, but once I had it on, I didn’t really want to take it off.

Then? The corset came out.

Um. Has anyone ever told you that not being able to take in a full breath is kind of worth it? Because … Wow. Corsets are fun. Officially on my list of WANT!

Breathing is overrated, don’t you think?

Of course, a corset broke down all sorts of sartorial barriers for me, and soon I was wearing a leopard print pencil skirt for the first time ever. Another unexpected addition to my list of WANT!

This yellow top has a zipper up the back, allowing for a perfect fit and ease of tucking into a high waisted skirt.

The beauty of the Foxy Shoppe is that there really is something for every woman. Whether you want to experiment with a feminine shape, play up your inner bombshell, or maybe just want to find a fun new accessory by local artists or designers, Foxy Shoppe is where you want to go.

Most importantly for me? The Foxy Shoppe is fun. Every person who walks in is greeted like a friend, and there wasn’t a single person who browsed without being engaged. I chit chatted with tons of guests who walked through the doors. I even had a photo op with a friend of mine, Miss Robin Red Breast out promoting her Winnipeg Fringe Festival Play: Stretchmarks in a Hell Bunny dress of her own.

All in all, hanging out at Foxy Shoppe and trying on the gorgeous clothing was an amazing way to spend an afternoon. From the decor, to the product, to the people, Foxy Shoppe is a perfect 10!

Next time you’re in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, stop by to check out Foxy Shoppe at 87 King St, Winnipeg, Manitoba, or find them on Twitter or Facebook!

Photos by Aarron from FOATography!


9 thoughts on “Fearless Fashion: Playing with Pin-up at Winnipeg’s Foxy Shoppe!

  1. The Foxy Shop seems a lot like a store in Halifax called Pretty Things Boutique. I bought that yellow shirt there but in red. Lovely pieces!

  2. Holy moley… that shop looks amazing! As do you in all these fun getups. I am obsessed with the yellow top/leopard skirt combo. Stunning!

  3. What an amazing shop! Loved to see the fashion show of the sophisticated super feminine styles. It will be a must visit location when I come to Winnipeg. 🙂

  4. I love everything you’ve showed! I keep meaning to get down there. I’m going to have to do it this summer. I’d love a pin up style dress (or 2) in my closet. x

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