Experimenting with Monochrome: All Over Cream

monochrome cream, long shorts, lace top, clogs

Gold stud earrings, Claire’s; Dinosaur necklace, Morana (Brazil); Embroidered and beaded mesh cardi and lace-back cream shell, F21; Shorts, Le Lis Blanc (Brazil); Clogs, Wish Shoes (Brazil); Hammered gold ring, InPink.com.

I’ve been wanting to wear an all-over-white outfit for a while now, and decided to baby-step my way there with this head-to-toe cream outfit (I eat a lot of mustard and tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrettes and soy sauce and the like, so white is a moderately terrifying colour to wear).

I love this top. When it isn’t windy. When it is? It billows like crazy. My belly was on display all day long and in every shot – wardrobe malfunctions are so much fun – but thankfully, my belly is similar in shade to the rest of the outfit, so I managed to maintain my monochrome look.

Photos by Aarron from FOATography!


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