Laters, purple!

I had my hair cut and coloured on Friday. And I love how it turned out.

As always, I went to my favorite Winnipeg salon, Hair 2 Dye 4, to get polished and pampered. My amazing stylist, Laura, has gone on maternity leave, and she suggested I see Amber for my haircuts while she’s baby wrangling. I was a bit nervous, if only because Laura has been cutting my hair for well over 20 years, and normally, I just don’t get my hair cut when Laura isn’t available to work. Thankfully, Laura knows me and my style well, and suggested the perfect stylist. Amber is talented, funny and knows when to let me chill out (sometimes I like to talk, sometimes I like to close my eyes and let my scalp get massaged), and I’m thrilled with the results.

I wanted the cut to be similar to what I got at the beginning of the year, inasmuch as it could be. To be honest, I miss my longer hair, so I’m trying to find a haircut that will grow out easily.

I decided to go dark and get rid of the purple, too. I loved going purple, it was definitely one of the coolest hairstyles I’ve had, but it was also high maintenance, and I didn’t love watching the previously vibrant hair colour fade away.

As often happens after a haircut, Aarron and I decided to have an impromptu, late-night photo shoot to capture the freshly styled look.

Photos by Aarron of FOATography!


5 thoughts on “Laters, purple!

  1. Love the hair cut.I think that it will grow out with style with this cut.I am also in the grow out phase. I had a shorter than my comfort zone style that is giving me growing pains.Time will pass before I like it again.
    Is that star light the one you got for SHS grad ?I like the softness of the lace on lace cream/ecru.
    Caixa de “creme torrada e outra coisas “encaminhada para voce com chegada anticipada proxima 6 feria.

    • I think so, too! I hope so, at least. And I love how much I look like Louise Brooks in the first shot!

      There’s nothing worse than a cut that is shorter than what you wanted! I find that incredibly irritating and annoying. Thankfully, you’re beautiful, and you can pull off any and all looks!

      The star light the Erin gave me for my SHSH grad didn’t survive the move to Winnipeg, but (entertainingly enough), my roommate Erin (who now lives in Van) gave me this light when she was cleaning house and getting rid of the things she owned that weren’t quite right for her style any more! I love it. Super pretty.

      And thank you! I love those tops. Haven’t worn them out yet. They’re from F21.

      E obrigada! Estou esperando com muito anticipação!

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