Rethinking proportions.

Earrings, Claire’s; Sweater, Hope; Button-front, Moon; Jeans, Ardene; Clogs, Wish Shoes; Ring, gift.

Oh the frustration when an outfit doesn’t quite live up to expectations. I didn’t realized until looking through these pictures that the grey sweater layered on top of the button front wasn’t quite the right shape or proportion for this outfit. Typically, when I wear a pair of skinnies, I don’t worry if the shape of my sweater is boxy, oversized or unflattering. The fit of the jeans makes up for the oversized nature of the top.

This time, though? Not sure it’s right. The grey sweater is designed to be oversized, but layered overtop of a breezy, relaxed fitting button-front, it doesn’t look pulled together. It looks … messy (the fact that this picture was taken at the end of the day, and I’m wrinkled doesn’t help, either).

Which is fine, because now I’m playing the “what sweater do I own that I could layer over this shirt,” because I really like how it looks. In my head.

There’s something about needing to go back to the drawing board that I really, really like. Do you have any sartorial challenges you love to come up against?

Photos by Aarron from FOATography!

3 thoughts on “Rethinking proportions.

  1. You know me, I can’t comment on the fashion beyond “hawwwwwwt”, but Aarron, great lighting in this shot. The soft over-exposure through the curtains really works well.

    • Thanks Mark!

      I’m still struggling with my exposure on cloudy days, but with all the rain we’ve had this past week, I think the pictures are finally starting to improve!

      • Oddly, I have the opposite problem: I love shooting cloudy days. Sun with blue skies creates big over-exposures, and under-exposures, and I have a really hard time compensating for them.

        If you’re having trouble balancing the light/exposure with cloudy backgrounds, think about investing in some graduated filters. I use ’em constantly, and it means you can stop-down the sky a few stops, and not get blown out exposures in your backgrounds, while getting your exposures right on your subject.

        Sometimes. 🙂 As with everything, is about experimenting. But my car shots (and I just posted some at 1headlightphoto) are done almost completely with a 2-stop graduated neutral density filter to bring the skies down (adds nice contrast and stormy feel to the clouds that’re there, too).

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