Styling a misbehaving dress.

Coconut necklace and Gladiator Sandals, Hippie Fair; Silver necklace, Hilary Druxman; Bangle, Melanie Lynn; Jeans jacket, Buffalo by David Bitton; Sweater, H&M; Dress, Joe Fresh Style.

While riding in the elevator, a lady from another office complimented me on my outfit, specifically my “adorable dress.” I grinned and explained to her that I was dedicated to this dress, but that my styling efforts for it are all an attempt to ensure that my bust stays exactly where it is supposed to: under wraps.

The last time I wore this dress, I tied a button-front top over it to keep my ladies in place. This time, using some clever tying of a drawcord I liberated from a different sweater, I tucked this sweater up under my bust, and used the cover of the sweater to mask my bust’s escapist tendencies.

I’m interested to see where my next styling attempt leads me. A wrap sweater? A bandeau bra? Who knows, but I’m excited!

Photos by Aarron of FOATography!


2 thoughts on “Styling a misbehaving dress.

    • Thanks! They are one of my favorite pairs of shoes – I bought them from the man who made them, he fit them to my calf and foot. The soles are made out of recycled inner-tube, which is super appealing to my inner hippie.

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