Summer staples and a touch of purple matchy-matchiness.

Earrings, Winnipeg Folk Festival Vendor; Bracelet, Gift; Sunglasses, F21; Jeans jacket, Buffalo by David Bitton; Button-front, Moon; Skirt, boutique close to Upper Canada Village; Sandals, Aldo.

This sleeveless button-front top has, in less than 2 weeks, already become a vitally important part of my summer wardrobe. I love that feeling, when you bring home a new item of clothing, and all you want to do is wear it all the time.

There’s just something so deeply practical and smart about a white button-front. This one in particular, is a really smart choice for summer because it is such a lightweight fabric. Because the fabric is so sheer, I can also layer any colour I want underneath to really great effect (for example, when I layered a magenta tank here). I just can’t help wearing this purple tank, it so closely matches the purple in my hair, and added a subtle pop of colour to the outfit.

Sometimes, the lure of matchy-matchiness is just too much to resist.

Photos by Aarron of!


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