DIY alteration in 10 seconds or less.

Earrings, Renner; Button-front shirt, Sirens; Dress, Joe Fresh Style; Bangle, Melanie Lynn; Sandals, American Eagle for Payless.

I love this dress. I’ve worn the heck out of it (here, here, here, and here are just SOME of the times of I’ve this dress on Fashionflirt), will continue to wear the heck out of it, damned if the dress doesn’t fit anymore.

The problem with this dress is that my girls don’t like to stay in the designated boob-area. It likes to gap and fall open, giving them their freedom. And while my boobs don’t seem to mind, it isn’t exactly the image I want for myself.

So what to do? Not enough time to visit the tailor to have it altered, too hot for a sweater… This button front shirt basically fell out of my closet when I was searching desperately for a solution, and I realized that I could knot this shirt under my bust, prevent the girls from busting free. One button, one knot, 10 seconds later, easy DIY alteration!

Photos by Aarron of!

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