Wine and lace go hand in hand.

Earrings,  Ten Thousand Villages; Necklace and sunnies, F21; Sweater, Le Chateau; Tee, Le Lis Blanc; Jeans, Seven for All Mankind; Ring, inPink; Clogs, Wish Shoes.

While I did wear this particular outfit to work on Friday, I don’t want to talk about work. I want to talk about wine.

One of my all time best friends, who happens to be the Sales and Marketing Rep for an ice wine company based out of BC, was in town for the Winnipeg Wine Festival. I have never been to a wine festival before, but I sure as heck will be going back to every possible wine tasting I can in future.

I was underdressed in comparison to most folks at the festival. Point in case, check out this singularly awesome navy and gold lace dress the über awesome (on the blogosphere AND IRL) Alyson Shane was wearing.

Meeting internet friend in real life is one of my personal passions. Foursquare notified her to my arrival, and following that our mutual twitter feeds were abuzz with “I’m at 108 tasting sparkling” and “We’re at the port” and “I just left BC to pee,” until we finally managed to meet up at stall 105. She’s awesome (and she has perfect hair).

All in all, it was awesome, and my clogs didn’t destroy my feet nearly as much as I expected them to. I went back with Aarron for the Saturday night (no pictures, alas), and stuck to whites for the most part.

If you’ve never been to a wine fest, I highly recommend it. You get to try wines you wouldn’t otherwise, and meet people who are much more chatty because they’ve been sipping on wine nonstop from the moment they walk in the door. It’s a good time!

Happy Monday, folks!

Photos by Aarron form!

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