Living in a technicolour silk skirt

Sunnies, F21; Wrap and tank top, lululemon athletica; Skirt, Zara; Clogs, Wish Shoes.

I’d worried briefly, when I’d originally put the purple highlights in my hair, that the additional colour would restrict me to black, grey and white outfits. Thankfully, I was wrong, even though it took me a few weeks before I started feeling comfortable enough experimenting with the colours in my outfits and my hair.

This skirt – aside from being occasionally annoyingly staticky (silk, why you gotta be to attractive?) – is one of my favorite skirts of all time. I love how it moves, how it blows in the wind. But, like my brightly coloured skirts for the last two weeks, I’ve always struggled with what to pair this particular skirt with, and as a result, wear it less frequently than I’d like. I’ve worn it once before on el bloggo, and I didn’t do the skirt any justice at all. This time, I think I found the perfect pairing.

It is so satisfying when you finally have success with something you’ve been struggling with, isn’t it?

Photos by Aarron from!

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