Cat-eyes, pastel plaid, and double denim.

Glasses,; Necklace & bracelet, Hilary Druxman; Button-front, altered from a pile of my dad’s “discard” clothes; Shorts, Jacob; Shoes, American Eagle for Payless.

I’m blind. Well, not legally, or partially, or any kind of true-by-definition blindness, but without glasses or contact lenses all I see are soft, fuzzy views of the world. Not much in the way of unassisted vision in the land of the Fashion Flirt.

Because my prescription is so high, but largely unchanging over the year, I’m been happy and content with my tortoise shell and red glasses (lenses for my prescription have always cost more than the frames). After my last appointment with my eye doc, we discovered that my prescription had changed slightly, and two months ago, I bought a Groupon for And man alive, did it EVER take me forever to pick a pair of glasses (I hemmed and hawed for what felt like forever). Then, I decided to throw all caution to the wind, and picked these cat-eyes.

love them.

Would you buy glasses off the internet? I’ll admit, I was worried I would screw something up – what if I messed up my pupillary distance? Or copied my prescription down incorrectly (after all, I did get my eyes checked in Brazil)? Thankfully, they’re perfect, and … well, did I mention I love them?

You may also note that I am wearing two denim pieces today. I am resistant to wearing double denim, but wearing denim shoes with jean shorts is a really easy way to wear denim without feeling like you’re rocking a Manitoba Tuxedo.

Photos by Aarron from!

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