Breezy (but not sleazy) turquoise skirt and clogs

Hat, Ardene; Sunnies, F21; Necklace and Skirt, Hippie Fair in Brasília; Jeans jacket, Buffalo (thrifted from the Ruby Slipper); Tee, Gap; Clogs, Wish Shoes.

Considering how light weight this skirt is, I’d have expected the wind to blow it around and let out some of my secrets. Thankfully, the wind did nothing but artfully encourage my skirt to dance around my calves and blow behind me in the most demure, ladylike fashion ever.

I’ve been loving midi lengths of late. The spring weather has been so inconsistent, a midi is the perfect length to be prepared for all temperatures, be it  freakishly warm day, or a terribly cold one. I’m also obsessed with how well this skirt works with these clogs. It’s almost like they were made to be worn together. As though the fates decreed that these clogs must be paired with this skirt. And who am I to deny fate?

I will say, I did struggle with what colour top to wear. I went with a pale pink, but didn’t wind up taking off my jacket for the whole day. Grey is an easy pick, but I don’t want an easy colour combination. What colour top would you wear with this skirt?

Photos by Aarron from!


6 thoughts on “Breezy (but not sleazy) turquoise skirt and clogs

    • Me, too! So much so, I also wore it yesterday (granted, I didn’t love how I looked yesterday, so I opted to not take outfit pictures, but I was wearing it!).

      • I’m really into this black stingy brim fedora right now – I sent you a pic of it right?

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