Spoils of the swap

Hat, Le Chateau; Animal print blouse, SWAP!; Ring, Out of the Blue; Jeans, Ardene; Sandals, Zara.

After going to the swap on Saturday, I walked away with this seriously fabulous animal print blouse. I’m not really an animal print kind of girl, but was inspired by some of the fierce and fab ladies at the swap to step outside my comfort zone and pick something I would almost never wear otherwise. A floppy hat, some bright red lipstick, and suddenly the oddness of my wearing animal print was less important, because my red rose ring matched my lipstick and my floppy hat managed to hide a head of bird’s nest hair.

And really, there’s something about finding the perfect gravel road on a dramatically cloudy afternoon that makes leopard print seem tame in comparison.

Pictures by Aarron from FOATography.ca!


6 thoughts on “Spoils of the swap

  1. Holy moley… you are such a badass in that first pic! And the second one is stunning. As an avid leopard-print supporter, I commend you on that fantastic number and the way you’ve styled it. Bravo!

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