Satisfaction = bigger hair

Earrings, Renner (Brasília); Tunic, Esprit; Skirt, Some random boutique in South-East Ontario; Bracelet, gift; Shoes, American Eagle for Payless.

Lately, I’ve been into making my hair as big as possible. To maintain the volume of my hair, I also spend time sticking my hands in my hair and giving it a good ruffle. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s so freakin’ easy for me right now. And, like all hair changes, it has been affecting the way I dress. More colour, more prints, more fun accessories.

Big hair is FUN.

In other news, I need to retire these shoes. They’ve reach a point of irreparability. Thankfully, they cost next to nothing (yay, Payless!), and they still have the same style of shoe available in different colours. New shoes that I know are going to work for me? Be still my heart, my world has been rocked.

Photos by Aarron of!

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