Easy Eleven Dining Experience

Dress: stolen from my mother’s closet (or rather suitcase, as I nabbed it from her while we were both on vacation in Nova Scotia); Shoes, Zara Brazil.

What I love the most about this dress is that it requires no accessories at all. Originally, I’d been wearing earrings, a ring, and a bracelet, but as I did my makeup and touched up my hair, I took all accessories off, and let my potato-sack of a dress speak for itself.

This was my Saturday night outfit, which I wore out for dinner with the Easy Eleven Dinner Club – a group whose numbers change every dinner, so the name is reestablished at the beginning of every meal (Dirty Dozen, Sloppy Sixteen, etc), but always reflects the nature of the group: funny, entertaining, and fun. And fun it was, even if the food and service weren’t  exemplary. Granted, after downing three gin martinis, what isn’t fun?

Also: SANDALS, bitches. Not just peep toes. Sandals. Rejoice!

Photos by Aarron of FOATography.ca!


4 thoughts on “Easy Eleven Dining Experience

  1. That dress works well with your eyes. I vote that you should try to wear a dress each day for 2 weeks!

  2. I was looking at photos of that dress this morning.It is a classic piece or timeless.The sandals rock.Love the hair messy!

  3. lol. Congrats on the sandals. I am, unfortunately, still limited to peep-toes (and not even those today; today I’m back to boots). Also, your hair looks amazing. (I feel like I say that to you a lot, but you have great hair).

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