Happy camping dress.

Dress, Cori; Necklace & bracelet, Hilary Druxman Girl Power; Watch, Swatch; Boots, Locale.

I wear this dress quite a bit. It’s comfortable AND flattering. I wore it on my first day of work at my job, and I’ve worn it fairly regularly since, but I don’t think I’ve worn it alone on the blog … Ever?

Not the most innovative of looks, really. I’m wearing the same jewelry as I’ve been wearing since Saturday (and they aren’t going anywhere because I’m currently IN LOVE with these two pieces), and I didn’t really bother styling the dress. I just put on clothes. Actually, that’s my problem with with outfit – it isn’t really an outfit, as much as it is just clothing.

That being said, I will always feel pretty and professional in this dress. It is nice to know that when I don’t know what to wear, but I know I want to look nice, that I have a “go-to” dress that is almost an outfit unto itself.

And of course, as long is the skirt twirls like that, I am a happy camper.

Photos by Aarron!


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