Big grinned badassery.

Sunnies, F21; Earrings, Ten Thousand Villages (Edmonton); Jacket, Joe Fresh; Sweater, Aritzia; Tights, lululemon athletica; Boots, Town Shoes.

There’s something about this jacket that makes me want to stomp everywhere. With purpose. With a grin and a badass attitude. A cheerful, friendly kind of badass, that is.

Photos by Aarron.


4 thoughts on “Big grinned badassery.

  1. Oooh that’s exactly how I feel in my leatherette jacket, too. Such friendly badasses we are! Also… if it snowed here I’d wear that exact ensemble. Since it doesn’t I’d just replace the boots. Basically… I dig it. You look great!

    • I love being a friendly badass! It’s the best kind of badass, I’ve always thought.

      It’s funny, because I totally thought of you when I pulled this outfit together.

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