Back from black: on rebranding your own wardrobe.

Sunnies, F21; Earrings, Claire’s; Ring, InPink; Cardi, lululemon athletica; Blouse and jeans, Banana Republic; Pumps, Rocketdog.

Originally, I was a little bit upset about these jeans. They haven’t weathered the storm very well. Faded to a dark grey, a bit bagged out… I was looking into dying them back to black, maybe waxing them, taking them in at the waist, doing something to make them look as awesome as they did when I took them home.

And then I wore them in this outfit. And I realized that I actually really liked them faded and a bit baggy. I just had to stop trying to style them as if they were dark black skinny jeans, and start styling them for what they are right now. Dark grey straight leg jeans.

I love my dark grey straight leg jeans! Aren’t they awesome? And they suit the dusty rose of this silk blouse perfectly. Thank goodness for changes in perspective, or I would have to get rid of a lot of my clothing when my style changed. It’s almost like I am rebranding my wardrobe to suit my needs.

Photos by Aarron!

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