Feathers in your hair, snowfall everywhere…

Hat and jeans, Ardene; Earrings and boots, Locale; Sweater, Joe Fresh; Navy velvet skinnies, Suzy Shier; Bracelet and ring, Brasília’s Hippie Fair.

Seemingly, my style is something that elderly folk can really get behind. Third day in a row I was stopped and complimented by an elderly stranger. Of course, I wonder about her sanity, as I was running an errand for work, was caught in a heavy snowfall, had mascara streaming down my face and soaking wet hair…

Regardless of the motivation, compliments rock.

I’ve also never noticed that these earrings look like I have reddish streaks in my hair. I kind of like the effect… Next hair appointment is a few weeks away, maybe I’ll do something TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

Photos by (the freezing but still talented) Aarron!


2 thoughts on “Feathers in your hair, snowfall everywhere…

    • Every time I wear them, it blows my mind a little bit more… Especially since I bought a pair of Banana Republic jeans at the same time, and these ones have stood up WAY better than the other pair.

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