When layers work against you (in the office).

Earrings, Estasi; Necklace, Tiffany & Co; Cardi and sweater, lululemon athletica; Cami, Victoria’s Secret; Jeans, Ardene; Ring, gift; Boots, Locale.

No compliments about my eyes while wearing this outfit, but I did get a: “Snappy outfit!” from a different older gentleman while running some errands for work. Apparently, older gentlemen in the downtown Winnipeg core are fans of my sartorial choices.

I love to don layers. Lots and lots of layers. I’m happiest in the outfits that include a minimum of three layers on top. There’s something so satisfying about being wrapped in warm layers when it is winter outside.

But I’ve been away from the office job world for too long. I forgot how hot offices can get in the winter… I’ll walk in from the brisk outdoors, into the warm and balmy office, and I almost instantly start to sweat. Every. Day.

I’m feeling sartorially challenged. How do you deal with winter-hot offices (and summer-cold offices, for that matter)?

Photos by Aarron!


3 thoughts on “When layers work against you (in the office).

  1. It’s a struggle for me too. In part because I ride my bike to work, so I have to find the balance between warm enough to ride my bike in the wind/rain/snow, but not so much that I get hot in the office where the heat has been turned up to combat the wind/rain/snow outside. I rarely get it right.

  2. I keep the layer closest to my body short-sleeved, if I can. I usually also wear a light cardigan, a heavy cardigan, and a coat on top. Sometimes, our heater breaks down, and I have to leave my coat on anyway!

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