The Mass Effect of Cashmere.

Earrings, gift from my Aunt; Key necklace, Tiffany & Co; Sweater, Aritzia; Coconut ring, beach vendor in Bahia; Jeans, Ardene; Boots, Town Shoes.

I’ve mentioned in passing a few times my love of Pima Cotton. OK, maybe enthused excessively about how much I love the fabric ad nauseum. Fun fact – I love cashmere JUST as much as I love Pima. This newly acquired tunic length sweater is so soft and snuggly, and it has a lower than expected neckline in the back (no pictures this time due to battery issues) to give it a tiny touch of extra awesome.

This past weekend and last night after work was a bit of a write off. I started and finished Mass Effect, and am now about 12 hours into Mass Effect 2. I’ve been really resistant to role playing games and first person shooters… Bioshock, while interesting, didn’t hook me at first, and Arkham Asylum is awesome and cool (I mean, really… Batman? He’s the shit), but the rich story in the Mass Effect universe was so compelling the tense actiony bits didn’t bother me as much as they normally do (fact: I am a bit of a video game squealer – you probably don’t want to play video games with me).

This video game marathon weekend was in preparation for the arrival of Mass Effect 3, a game that looks so incredibly badass, I can hardly contain myself. I’ve never actually been excited for the release of a video game before. It’s a really strange feeling… And, I realize my weekend marathon pales in comparison to some video game marathons I’ve heard about, but since I’m just a baby gamer, I’m OK with that.

Photos by Aarron!


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