Uniformly Different (or, how my school uniform taught me creativity).

Earrings and boots,, Locale; Jersey blazer, Aritzia; Tee shirt, lululemon athletica; Bangle, Melanie Lynn; Ring, Francesa Romana; Velvet skinnies, Suzy Shier.

Wait, what? Didn’t I wear this in yesterday’s post? Except not? The blazer is the only piece that is the same from this post to yesterday’s post, but the pieces are super similar. Skinny jeans yesterday, velvet skinnies today. lululemon tee shirt yesterday, lululemon tee shirt today. Boots yesterday and boots today… It’s almost the same outfit.

Except that it isn’t the same outfit. Wearing white and cognac and navy velvet instead of black and black and jeans changes the look and feel of the outfit, even if the elements are super similar. You can totally change the look and feel of an outfit by changing just a few little things about it.

I am a graduate from a Catholic Girls School, kilts and Britney Spears jokes all the way. Beyond the challenging curriculum, it taught me that wearing similar outfits does not always mean death to personal style. That can definitely happen, mind you. By definition, uniform means the same. But I learned how to change the look and feel of my uniform by changing around the small things I did have control over – my shoes, knee socks versus stockings, pleat-front navy pants versus Blackwatch kilt, cardigans versus vests versus blazers, ties or no ties… And that’s not even including accessories, make-up, hairstyle and breaking the uniform rules.

Don’t be scared to wear similar outfits regularly. It is good to investigate creativity from within a set of restrictions. But remember that it is a slippery slope, and sartorial stagnation is a risk.

Do you have a sartorial “uniform?” If so, how do you keep from going stagnant?


4 thoughts on “Uniformly Different (or, how my school uniform taught me creativity).

    • Thanks, buddy! I love my new header. Might be my most favorite header I’ve had to date (you know… of all three of them, lol). The blazer is made out of jersey knit, actually. It is SUPER similar to that one, actually! I’ll wear it the next time we do lunch (next Thursday?).

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