The (awesome) burden of being a lone nut.

Sunnies, Joe Fresh; Earrings, Ten Thousand Villages (Edmonton); Scarf, random boutique in Brasília; Jersey blazer, Aritzia; Tee shirt, lululemon athletica; Ring, InPink (won in a giveaway from Tieka!); Jeans, Ardene; Boots, Town Shoes.

This jersey knit blazer might be my new most favorite item in my closet.

This is the burden of being a recovering sweat pants addict… Being instantly attracted to jersey knit. This blazer is so much more comfortable than any other blazer I own or have owned, because it moves with me… and I am constantly moving, randomly bursting into dance, jumping around excitedly. The burden of being a lone nut who breaks into dance randomly is that I need clothing that moves with me. Boy howdy, I am a lone nut who loves to burst into dance at random intervals. Heh, I suppose, when you get right down to it, being a lone nut isn’t a burden at all. It’s kind of awesome, especially when you find clothes that allow you to be a lone nut AND look good at work.

And, not that I’ve ever been anything but a lone nut who randomly bursts into dance, but I think that being a lone nut is a lot of fun. Wouldn’t change myself for anything.

Pictures by Aarron!


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