When your lips match your shirt… Awkward…

Sunnies: Joe Fresh; Scarf, Renner; Sweater, Esprit; Mini skirt, Mango; Tights, Joe Fresh; Boots, Rocketdog; Button bracelet, gift.

In this photoshoot, I was cold. Freezing, really. I tried hard not to show it, but when cold permeates, it’s hard to keep it off your face.

Last winter, my blogging experience was completely different. I would put on my caterpillar coat, leave my apartment on foot, pink Sony point-n-shoot and Gorilla Pod in hand, seeking a spot where I could set up my camera, shuck my coat, and get the shots as quickly as possible before pulling my coat back on, and shivering my way back home.

Sometimes I would wind up with some fun shoots, and sometimes they didn’t go as well as expected, but I was proud of my Extreme Style Blogger persona. This year… I’ve lost the Extreme part of my Style Blogging persona. Aside from not going it alone anymore, and having an amazing roommate who loves to take pictures, this winter just hasn’t given us any consistency in the frigid extremes.

I’m sad to let my Extreme Style Blogger go. Maybe I’ll need her again, but for now I’m happy being the Style Blogger who is only chilled instead of frozen.

Photos by Aarron!


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