RSPAC: When the dress code calls for sweats.

lululemon items:

The Huff and Puff Vest (no longer available)
Run Jet Pullover in Black (no longer available, current model here)
Wunder Under Tights in Black (available here)
Striped Wrist Warmers (no longer available)
Savasana Socks

Non-lululemon items:

Jeans Jacket: Buffalo by David Bitton
Hat: H&M
Sunnies: F21
Boots: Rocketdog

There are times when wearing sweat pants is needed. When you go to the gym. Out running. To yoga. Or, as evidenced by today’s Recovering Sweat Pants Addict Challenge outfit, when out skating with friends.

But just because you can get away with wearing sweat pants doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about your outfit, how to style it, how to pull everything together. I knew that my friends and I were just going to be having fun, then maybe getting some mini-doughtnuts and hot chocolate, and I wanted my outfit to reflect that while still being über functional for skating. The bright hat, aside from being lots of fun, is easy to spot in a crowd, making staying a group on the river much easier. The striped wrist warmers, eye catching and interesting, also gave my hands some protection in case I fell down. And wearing head to toe stretchy, comfortable athletic clothing meant that I could move in anyway I wanted and not worry about discomfort or pinching.

Because really, my feet were in enough pain from the skates. I didn’t need any help in that department from my clothes!

Photos by Aarron!


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