(TED)x Marks the Spot.

Scarf, Etam; Earrings, Locale; Sunnies, Joe Fresh; Lace-back sweater, Le Lis Blanc; Racerback tank, lululemon athletica; Jeans, Ardene; Boots, Town Shoes.

Do you know about TED Talks?

This is one of my favorites:

Ideas worth spreading. That’s what it is all about. Amazing, inspiring, incredible ideas worth spreading.

This past Thursday, I was an extremely fortunate Winnipegger, one of 100 selected to attend the independently organized TEDxManitoba talk. The theme was What Ifx, and each talk focused on the “x” of that What If equation. Do you see the “x” the lace back and the racerback tank top created? That “x” was for you, TED.

I was inspired before the talks even started. But once they did? I’m still on a high.

Photos by Aarron!


2 thoughts on “(TED)x Marks the Spot.

  1. Hey, could you kindly erase my last comment? I didn’t realize that I included my full “real name” there. I’m trying to be anonymous. Thanks! Here’s the comment again:

    This is seriously your best post so far. Love the outfit, the photography, the content and your pretty face in profile 🙂 I keep hearing such great things about TED talks but sadly have not seen one yet. Must get on this. That’s awesome that you were one of 100 picked to attend.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • No problem, it’s taken care of!

      Thank you so much. I felt really great in this outfit, so it’s nice when all the pieces come together in the post, too!

      TED talks are amazing. If you ever get the chance, you should totally jump on it. Without hesitation! And see if there’s an independently organized TEDx Talk in your area – they are either way less expensive, or totally free, and focus on local people and issues, something that I think it incredibly powerful and important. 🙂

      Happy Valentine’s Day!

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