Time flies, suns rise.

Earrings, Locale; Robot necklace, F21; Chartreuse sweater, Esprit; White tank, lululemon; Velvet skinnies, Suzy Shier; Loafers, Aldo.

There’s this tiny spot inside of a skywalk in downtown Winnipeg that gets the nicest sun for approximately two minutes around 8:45am, and then disappears. This is the result of happily getting to that spot at exactly the right moment. By the end of the shoot, the light was already gone.

Mornings… They just fly by, don’t they?

Photos by Aarron!


9 thoughts on “Time flies, suns rise.

  1. I love your necklace too! And your haircut is very pretty…seems like bangs are coming back ever since Reese Witherspoon got them cut recently. They look very cute on you. Have a great week!


    • Thanks so much. I’ve really enjoyed having bangs! The blunt bangs specifically, I’ve really been liking them. Heh, well, I guess I must like them, since I’ve been wearing them for a year and a half! I love them on Reese Witherspoon, too. They suit her perfectly!

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