Sweat Pant Addict Recovery: The Sweater Dress.

Necklace, Something Different (gift); Cardi, lululemon athletica; turtleneck dress, Frockstar Out of the Blue; Tights, Lupo; Boots, Locale.

Sweater dresses are a big deal. No, really. They are made of sweater, and they are dresses. It might be the all time perfect combo garment.

As you can imagine, this makes it the perfect item to wear as a recovering sweat pants addict. Feels like sweats… But this dress looks nothing like a pair of sweats.

I’ve worn this dress to so many events – it really is a wardrobe workhorse. To the symphony with killer heels and earrings, to a BBQ with a jeans jacket and motorcycle boots, to dinner parties with ballet flats and coloured tights, to work with a blazer or cardigan… I knew that it would be versatile when I bought it, but I have no idea how¬†versatile it would be.

Have you ever added an item to your wardrobe, and been surprised by how frequently you wear it? How truly versatile it is? Tell me about it in the comments!

Photos by Aarron!


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