Test Drive Fridays: Add some lace.

Earrings, boots and purse, Locale; Lace-front top, Le Lis Blanc; Waffle-knit wrap cardi, lululemon athletica; Jeans, Ardene.

Whenever I don’t know what to wear, I add some lace to my outfit. There’s something about lace worn casually that is both sophisticated and rock and roll. This weekend, why not test drive some lace in your outfits? I like to pick the lace first, and build my outfit around it, using the colour of the lace. This top, a soft, subtle taupe, is the perfect complement to the dark purple of the cardigan, and the warm cognac of the boots, bag and earrings.

Try wearing a monochromatic look of blacks and greys – black lace is the most rock ‘n’ roll. To keep the outfit from going too sexy (unless you want to be sexy, in which case, I fully support your sexy lace), choose pieces that skim the body, nothing too form fitting. Or, wear a bright and unexpected colour under your lace pieces, so that the lace pattern really pops against the brightness of the colour beneath.

In other news, Locale is my new most favorite brand for accessories. I am 100% in love with this satchel, and it is only partly because it matches the earrings and the boots so closely. I’m also 100% in love with these boots. Still. Can’t help it, they’re irresistible to me.

Pictures by Aarron!


8 thoughts on “Test Drive Fridays: Add some lace.

  1. Where is the passerella? Between the Bay and Winnipeg shopping?I love the bag.Does it hold your lap top?Upscale casual look with the lace and boots. Great look.

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