Sweat pants addict recovery: Step Two, the swingy skirt.

Earrings, Ten Thousand Villages Edmonton; Sweater, Esprit; Dress, Cori; Boots, Locale.

A simple, easy outfit with a bright pop of colour. This is a never-fail combination for me: black shirtdress, cardigan or sweater, a pair of heels. There is nothing groundbreaking about what I’m wearing, but it looked nice, pulled together and was very comfortable.

My first step in recovering from my sweat pants addiction was to find a pair of jeans that felt like sweats. This dress was part of step 2. This dress feels like a pair of sweat pants. The fabric, with incredible drape and movement, is called Malha Fria in Brazil. It feels very similar to modal with lycra added to it (you’ll note that most of my recovery tips revolve around lycra). I love shirtdresses, but those made of cotton can pull and pinch and don’t move with you as much as this one does.

Sweat Pants Addict Recovery Step 2: Find a basic, casual dress that feels like sweats but is work appropriate.

I always suggest that people look to wrap dresses to find that look and feel, as they are typically the most comfortable and universally flattering style of dress (be warned, however, that ladies with a generous serving of boobs will have to take special care with finding the right dress: try it on, and bend at the waist to see if the top stays put, or make sure to layer a camisole underneath to prevent any possibly embarrassing clothing mishaps). And there are a ton of fantastic wrap dresses available in stores right now, many made with jersey. Go basic with black or have some fun, and pick a print.

My favorites right now?

This wrap dress from Banana Republic would be so much fun to wear to work, then out for drinks on a patio in late spring. And this dress (also from BR) is so bright and cheerful, it would be perfect for a summer wedding, or worn on a date with a jeans jacket. I love this basic black wrap dress from the Gap, it would be great on its own, dressed up or down, worn with statement jewelry, or nothing at all.

Photos by Aarron.


6 thoughts on “Sweat pants addict recovery: Step Two, the swingy skirt.

  1. Look to Gap body or Gap outlet for a chemise nighty that doubles as a fantastic slip for wrap dresses. I have two and now have complete piece of mind against wardrobe malfunction: both wind and cleavage related. (also prevents the temptation to wear the dress too tight. Need to leave some give for the extra layer)

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